Waiting List Update

Hi All! Welcome to November and the unofficial end of the photographic busy season (judging by the rapid growth of my waiting list). As of now, I am putting a hold on taking any more names for my current list. I am expecting my waiting list to take me through at least to the end of 2011 (only 6 more weeks of work for me this year!) and I would prefer not to have many (if any) carry over into the new year. Because each client is different, it’s hard to judge how long it will take to move through my current waiting list.

If you are looking ahead for a blog customization in 2012, you should be aware that I am currently only taking clients who use the ProPhoto theme and those who have a professional logo/branding for their business. Setting these requirements will allow me to work with more clients in a shorter amount of time and will hopefully reduce wait times for everyone.

I’m still happy to discuss your project and help you decide if waiting for my list to open up again is the right option for you, so please don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have questions. 🙂