Waiting List Update

Hello All!

As promised, I’m now able to open my waiting list and as a a bonus, because I’m a bit late on opening back up, I do have 2-3 slots available immediately. In the interest of fairness to all who have been contacting me for many months, I will be taking names for my list until Thursday, January 19th. Once I have an accurate picture of who would still like to secure a spot, I will arrange the names on my list in order of when I was first contacted (and based on the estimated time required to complete your project).

I hope that this is the fairest and easiest approach to making sure those who were not added to a list months ago have the first opportunity to secure a spot. I will only take deposits for projects currently in progress — I do not limit the time I spend with each client and this means that the list is always tentative and I can never promise when I will absolutely be able to begin your project.

A few things to remember:
– I am only taking clients who use or are preparing to switch to ProPhoto (http://www.prophotoblogs.com).

– I require a professionally designed logo before we can begin. Your site is a marketing piece that is based on your unique branding. If you do not have a logo (and more loosely, a brand vision), you would most likely be thrilled with one of the amazing available ProPhoto templates that are designed to fit almost any brand. A custom site should follow careful planning of your own brand so that your investment is maximized.

– My services and pricing have changed for 2012. Most clients will choose a full customization that includes both a blog and custom welcome page that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your content. If you already have a ProPhoto blog, an integrated welcome page can be added. However, I no longer design ProPhoto blogs without welcome pages. You can check out the new service here:

ProPhoto Full Customization

I want to thank you all for your patience. I am really looking forward to starting 2012 with some amazing new photographers! Talk to you soon! 🙂