Video Tutorials ♥

Welcome to my growing library of video tutorials!  These videos will take you step-by-step through the process of modifying your That’s Kinda Cool! template.  I’m just getting started, so please keep checking back for more videos and please feel free to use the contact form to request for items you’d like to see demonstrated on video.  🙂

Most of these videos will use the free Maggie Kay design that is available exclusively here on That’s Kinda Cool!  Feel free to download it.  Even if you don’t yet have ProPhoto, you can still follow along with the Photoshop portions of the videos.  🙂

NOTE:  These videos are very large.  If you have a slower connection, the video may start and stop.  The playback will be much smoother if you allow the video to load completely, then replay it.  🙂

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