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    That's Kinda Cool makes designs exclusively for ProPhoto, a premium theme for WordPress. ProPhoto is a simple, highly customizable all-in-one solution for photographers and other creatives. You can get started with ProPhoto and a TKC add-on design for as little as $275. With more than 30 available designs, choosing is the hardest part!

Template Customization for Annette Goodman

I’ve been slacking quite a bit on showing client work, but I fell in love with this customization for Annette Goodman and I just have to share. This design started with the Soft Light template that’s available exclusively on my site. A new scalloped edge, new background, and a few touches to match with her branding made this template completely unique.:)

Check out the full site for a better look.  :)

David Walters - Awesome! I love this new template, I already use Soft Light, and can tell everyone I have had a wonderful experience with That’s Kinda Cool from the ease of installation to the customer service.

P.S. Love the addition of the gallery widgets, I’m slightly jealous :)

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