Support Services

Separate extended services that are not included with my full customization option can be added for an additional fee, loosely based on an hourly estimate for the project.  Note that these services will overlap many of the services in the light template customization service.  Some of these additional services include:

– Setup of client areas with multiple pages, password, etc
– Installation of 3rd party software (photocart, machforms, etc)
– Setup of 3rd party services (feedburner, stats, etc)
– Insertion of your images into header slides
– Installation/configuration of non-essential plug-ins
– Creation of forms other than the main contact form
– Code changes / rearrangement of theme features
– Creation of a ProPhoto welcome page


Support Services are $50 per hour, generally with a 3 hour minimum.   Smaller projects are priced individually and quoted on a case-by-case basis.  Just e-mail anytime and I’d be happy to discuss your project!  🙂