Laura Evans


Laura Evans is a warm and minimal template with unique touches and a soothing color palette that pairs perfectly with rich, outdoor photography. Photoshop is required to change the colors of the dotted lines and logo elements. The main PSD has been set up to make changing colors simple. You change the colors of all dotted lines in a single step, then just upload your new graphics in ProPhoto. Designed to get you up and running quickly!

A special overlay technique allows you to easily change the color of the round social icons and the color of the “call to action” social icons without Photoshop! You can make all your social icon color changes right in ProPhoto. You can also change the heart element in the menu to a symbol that matches your brand or remove it completely.

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This design does not include ProPhoto.
You must purchase ProPhoto separately in order to use this template.


This premade template is compatible only with ProPhoto 5. Please be sure to check your version of ProPhoto before purchasing.


If you’re not familiar with ProPhoto, it’s easy to get started. ProPhoto is a WordPress theme, so if you already have WordPress, you’re just a few clicks away from using any of my designs. If you need help getting up and running with ProPhoto, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket. I’d be happy to point you in the right direction! 🙂



  1. Karen Bailey

    I love this simple design that highlights my work. I feel the unique touches to the design give my website a more professional & custom look that I couldn’t do myself. Setting it up and getting help from Andrea was so easy. It was easy to change my colors and Andrea was always quick to answer my questions and always provided great direction so I could do the changes. I am so happy with my new designer website!!! Thanks!

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