Support Services

In the last several months, I’ve learned that I have a rather significant gap in my service offerings. Thus far, I’ve offered only design services, but I’ve realized that many of my clients want more than traditional blog design. I’ve found that half of my work has been support services related to blog setup and maintenance and not strictly design.

To address this gap, I’m adding some new services to my store to help address the need for additional and extended support in addition to design. This will help me plan my projects better and help keep costs lower for those who do not need extended services. My main design services will remain as listed — design services will be limited to only the creation of graphics and installation of those graphics.

Each of my customization packages will still include 1-2 hours of basic e-mail support to cover those questions and issues that always pop up during the process. However, I will no longer do hands-on maintenance as part of my design service. Separate “extended” services not covered in design include (but are not limited to):

– Setup of client areas with multiple pages, password, etc
– Installation of 3rd party software (photocart, machforms, etc)
– Setup of 3rd party services (feedburner, stats, etc)
– Insertion of your images into header slides
– Installation/configuration of non-essential plug-ins
– Creation of forms other than the main contact form
– Code changes / rearrangement of theme features (in themes other than ProPhoto)


– Support I — $150
2-3 hours of extended support
This option should be sufficient for the addition of a client area or installation and customization of PhotoCart or MachForms.

– Support II — $250
3-5 hours of extended support
This option might be used for installation and customization of PhotoCart, addition of a client area, and creation of a client questionnaire, etc.

– Support III — $350

6-8 hours of extended support
This would allow for any of the services listed above, installation of WordPress, blogger import, etc.