Masthead/Facebook Cover Template

This 8 image template with clipping masks is all vector — this means you can resize the collage to any size and shape without loss of quality. The clipping masks will resize without loss of quality, but your images will not, so make sure you resize the collage PSD BEFORE you add your images to the clipping masks.  This is sized for web and will work well as a masthead template, but you can resize it all the way up to wall size!

To use this collage as a Facebook cover, resize to 851px x 315px.  If you’d like to use this collage as a masthead template, you can determine your masthead size by going to ProPhoto 4 –> Customize –> Header Area –> Masthead Image/Slideshow.  Scroll down to your first masthead upload area and check the required image size.  Be sure to resize the template before you add your images.  🙂