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A pair of Qs.

Closing out March by sharing a pair of “qu” clients. Both of these sites are lightly customized existing ProPhoto templates. This option is perfect for those who don’t need a full customization. I generally have room on my schedule for smaller template customizations, so if you’d rather not wait for a full customization slot, this might be an option for you. Sarah’s site is still under construction, but I couldn’t resist posting the matched set.

Sweet Aqua Photography
Studio Que Photography

Closing out 2011

I could not have had a more diverse group of clients at the end of 2011, each with their own unique branding and vision. I plan to open my waiting list for 2012, I would love to share just a few of the sites I completed at the end of 2011. I apologize for the lack of wordy explanation — I’m just too anxious to start my next post to write about each site individually.:)

Kalista Weddings
Snowpaw Photography
Isabel Cinematheque
Curly Girl Photo

Pavlina Ortiz

Pavlina asked me to change her current logo colors to create a warmer feel for her branding. With her new color scheme selected, we created a new site and splash to coordinate, giving her site an organic feel that works well with her natural and relaxed style.

Erin Elizabeth

Erin brought her new logo, branding elements and color scheme. She gave me free reign to design a coordinating blog and splash. Erin’s new branding is elegant and sophisticated, so I created a site that reminds me of a fine leather handbag with a soft leather texture and tags and brass elements to hold it all together.

Kim Flores

I’m so excited about this new design for Kim Flores. It’s not very often that I have such an amazingly laid back client who just lets me do whatever I want… and it’s in these situations when I end up liking the design the most (of course). I just love the soft and feminine feel of her new splash and blog.