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Baby’s First Site

Baby’s First Site is a well established content management system designed exclusively for new parents. Because I also own Baby’s First Site, I am adding these designs to my personal category. The new design has not yet been implemented, but it’s being posted here as a sneak peek.




Hey, look at that!

I had almost forgotten about being asked by moo.com to use my mini cards in their promotion of their new mini card frames. I won’t lie, it does give me a bit of a warm fuzzy to see my stuff popping up in places like moo.com and Midwest Living Magazine. It is certainly validating to know that others think it’s worth showcasing!

I highlighted the places my images appear in red and used some arrows on the thumbnail.  If you want to order some moo cards, go to http://www.moo.com! They really are great quality and great fun to hand out!

Update! I just noticed they’re on the front page slideshow nice and big, too!