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Waiting List Update

Hello All!

As promised, I’m now able to open my waiting list and as a a bonus, because I’m a bit late on opening back up, I do have 2-3 slots available immediately. In the interest of fairness to all who have been contacting me for many months, I will be taking names for my list until Thursday, January 19th. Once I have an accurate picture of who would still like to secure a spot, I will arrange the names on my list in order of when I was first contacted (and based on the estimated time required to complete your project).

I hope that this is the fairest and easiest approach to making sure those who were not added to a list months ago have the first opportunity to secure a spot. I will only take deposits for projects currently in progress — I do not limit the time I spend with each client and this means that the list is always tentative and I can never promise when I will absolutely be able to begin your project.

A few things to remember:
- I am only taking clients who use or are preparing to switch to ProPhoto (http://www.prophotoblogs.com).

- I require a professionally designed logo before we can begin. Your site is a marketing piece that is based on your unique branding. If you do not have a logo (and more loosely, a brand vision), you would most likely be thrilled with one of the amazing available ProPhoto templates that are designed to fit almost any brand. A custom site should follow careful planning of your own brand so that your investment is maximized.

- My services and pricing have changed for 2012. Most clients will choose a full customization that includes both a blog and custom welcome page that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your content. If you already have a ProPhoto blog, an integrated welcome page can be added. However, I no longer design ProPhoto blogs without welcome pages. You can check out the new service here:

ProPhoto Full Customization

I want to thank you all for your patience. I am really looking forward to starting 2012 with some amazing new photographers! Talk to you soon!:)

An update from 30,000 feet!

Before I say anything else, I want to devote the beginning of my first post of 2012 to saying THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients. You all made 2011 such a fantastic year for me and for my business. I feel incredibly fortunate to be involved in this industry and so very blessed to be starting 2012 with a waiting list full of so many talented photographers.

Speaking of the waiting list, those who are scheduled to start when I return on January 9th will be receiving an e-mail from me on Monday and shortly after, I’ll be opening my waiting list for more names. I am booked through January and much of February so I’ll likely be adding names for a late February or early March starting period. Because of the custom nature of the work and the varied time requirements for each client, dates are always tentative.:)

Before I start work again on Monday, I’ll be taking some time to gather a few of my most recent projects to share here and on facebook. 2011 was so busy that much of my work never made it to the blog! Check back soon to see that recent work and for more updates on my waiting list.:)

Waiting List Update

Hi All! Welcome to November and the unofficial end of the photographic busy season (judging by the rapid growth of my waiting list). As of now, I am putting a hold on taking any more names for my current list. I am expecting my waiting list to take me through at least to the end of 2011 (only 6 more weeks of work for me this year!) and I would prefer not to have many (if any) carry over into the new year. Because each client is different, it’s hard to judge how long it will take to move through my current waiting list.

If you are looking ahead for a blog customization in 2012, you should be aware that I am currently only taking clients who use the ProPhoto theme and those who have a professional logo/branding for their business. Setting these requirements will allow me to work with more clients in a shorter amount of time and will hopefully reduce wait times for everyone.

I’m still happy to discuss your project and help you decide if waiting for my list to open up again is the right option for you, so please don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have questions.:)

New Facebook Page!

I’ve created a brand new Facebook page to replace the previous one for my photography business. I hate to lose all my awesome friends and fans, so please remember to click “Like” over there to the left or visit my page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thats-Kinda-Cool/224161790961687 and like me there! Just a few more fans are needed to at least get a spiffy new short URL! Thanks all!