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Category Archives: Logo Design

September Blue Photography

Sandra of September Blue Photography came to me for a new logo, splash, and blog. Sandra asked for something clean and simple with just a bit of feminine flair. I truly enjoyed working with Sandra because she sent me numerous sketches of her ideas, which really helped me put all of her ideas into a finished product! Sandra basically designed the entire package herself — I just pulled it all together.:)

Sandra’s splash page is a bit of a departure from the norm with its large rotating slideshow. It really keeps the focus on showing off Sandra’s gorgeous images!

Carrie Lynne

Carrie purchased one of my premade logos. We modified it with her colors and a new font choice and changed the solid outline to a dashed line. Her matching splash will follow soon.

Stacie Turner

Stacie is a Connecticut based black and white photographer with an old fashioned love of film. To pay homage to her retro flair, we drew our inspiration from the antique typewriter, then dressed up a fun circle mark to pull it all together for marketing materials and future web-based design.

This project is incomplete and not yet live, so you can view a small sampling of our progress below.

Jen Priester

Jen was starting from a blank slate and gave me complete freedom to create her branding and customize her brand new blog. I drew on what I know about Jen and created a logo with just a touch of Christian flare. Jen’s blog uses a customized version of tofurious, which was modified from the 2-column layout. She also got nifty little logo icons to decorate her posts and a functional separator with handy navigation.