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Blog Collage

Use this simple collage as a blog board in any size you need.  Vector clipping masks allow this collage to be resized without loss of quality.  Just resize BEFORE inserting your images.  If you need help with clipping masks, check out the clipping masks video tutorial.  :)


Masthead/Facebook Cover Template

This 8 image template with clipping masks is all vector — this means you can resize the collage to any size and shape without loss of quality. The clipping masks will resize without loss of quality, but your images will not, so make sure you resize the collage PSD BEFORE you add your images to the clipping masks.  This is sized for web and will work well as a masthead template, but you can resize it all the way up to wall size!

To use this collage as a Facebook cover, resize to 851px x 315px.  If you’d like to use this collage as a masthead template, you can determine your masthead size by going to ProPhoto 4 –> Customize –> Header Area –> Masthead Image/Slideshow.  Scroll down to your first masthead upload area and check the required image size.  Be sure to resize the template before you add your images.  :)

Shadow Frame

In many of my templates, I use a simple white frame with an soft shadow. A recent customer asked if she could have this framing to use with her images elsewhere, so I created an action that will match with many of my templates. It will work (and batch) on any web-sized flat JPG.:)

Here’s how it looks:

Simple Heart Border

When I created this simple 5×7 image box border for a trade show in March of 2010, I never imagined it would be so useful to others. Since originally posting this element, it’s been downloaded over 1,000 times! This template has a clipping mask. Just make sure that the image you want clipped is on the layer directly above the photo mask, then right click the image and choose “Create Clipping Mask” in the menu. You can then crop and reposition the image.

Here’s what it looks like:

Normal terms of use apply. Use with clients is OK, don’t sell or reshare elements without letting me know. Thanks.


Simple Sweet Button Frames

These frames work well for cards, image boxes, collages, mounted prints, etc. Be creative.

There are 3 frames — 5×5, 5×7 landscape, 5×7 portrait. Each frame includes the 4 medallion choices (sailboat, flower, inset monogram, regular monogram). The frame colors can be ANY color, but I’ve included blue and pink in the actual PSD. If you want to make them any other color, you just have to change the color overlay on the corresponding layer. These templates use a clipping mask — just place your image on the layer above the clipping mask, right click the new layer (not the icon, but the layer name), and click “Create Clipping Mask” in the pop-up box.

Here are some of the options:

Sailboat on blue:

Inset monogram:

Flower on pink:

Monogram on pink:

Normal terms of use apply. Use with clients is OK, don’t sell or reshare elements without letting me know. Thanks.